"Eventually, a collection ceases to be a personal indulgence and assumes its own identity.

  In fact, it becomes a thing in its own right - rather like Frankenstein's monster."

 - Howard Hodgkin (ARTNews)

The Georgii Collection (TGC) is an online gallery for Fine Arts. All work is original artwork and was diligently collected, often re-framed and restored into its present state. This private collection is located in San Francisco, California and currently not open for public viewing.

As of November 2023 TGC includes more than 600 works of art including paintings, drawings and etchings. It was inspired by the many collections and galleries all over the world with particular focus on 19th and 20th century European and American art. The collection contains no looted art as defined by the Commission for Looted Art in Europe and its database is frequently checked in order to confirm compliance.


This website is strictly non-commercial and for enjoyment only. None of the artwork is for sale. Your comments and ideas are always welcome.

Current projects include the 'Special Exhibit' section that is being updated on an ongoing basis - plus the expansion of the 'Modern & Contemporary Art' section including works of well known Californian watercolor artists. Also in preparation is a special 'Photography' section with focus on European photography in the early 20th century.

TGC is privileged to share some of the contemporary artists' webpages:

Chris Roberts

Shawna Chan

Jose Trujillo

Diana Vehuni

Frederico Domondon

Jesse Arteaga

PJ Varano

Martin Azari

Nino Pippa

Sean Wu

Kevin Yuen

Natasha Petrosova 


Here are links to our favorite museums and galleries around the world:

The Barnes Collection, Philadelphia

Art Institute Chicago

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Palace of the Legion of Honor)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

San Jose Museum of Art

Neue Pinakothek, Munich

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Tate Britain

Museum Folkwang, Essen

Detlefsen Museum Glückstadt

Brücke-Museum Berlin

Nevada Museum of Art, Reno

International Maritime Museum, Hamburg

Städel-Museum, Frankfurt

Sammlung Bernhard Ludwig, München

Sammlung RheinRomantik, Bonn

Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

Kunsthaus Zürich

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento


Links to recent auction results and stores featuring artists in TGC:

Léon Noireaut @ Grogan & Company, Boston, MA

Hans Rudolf Richter @ Thomas Watson, Darlington, UK

Hans Josef Zimmer @ John Moran Auctioneers -lot#72, Pasadena, CA

Edgar Freyberg @ Bukowskis, Stockholm, Sweden
Erna Scharff @ White Knight Auctions, Boca Raton, FL

Erna Scharff @ Worthington Galleries, Nashville, TN

Gerhard Zank @ Kunsthaus Hassloch, Bad Kissingen, Germany

Caspar Scheuren's 'Vom deutschen Rhein' - digital copy

Carl Ebert @ Van Ham, Cologne, Germany

Carl Ebert @ Lempertz, Cologne, Germany

Carl Ebert @ Post Road Gallery, Larchmont, NY

Carl Ebert @ Dorotheum, lot# 156, Vienna, Austria

Roland Arribas @ Kaminski Auctions, San Diego

Karl Leipold @ Detlefsen Museum, Glückstadt, Germany

Helio Wernegreen @ Burchard Galleries, St. Petersburg, FL


TGC purchased art from the following art dealers and private parties:


Falcon Estate, Chicago, IL

Samuel Collection, San Diego
Listed Paintings Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Beholder Treasures Antique, Los Angeles, CA

Down to Earth Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Hope Station, Fremont, CA

The Cottage Shop by the Sea, Outer Banks, NC

West Valley Art 69, Escondido, CA

Innovative Abstract Imports, Westbury, NY

Heidelberg Antiques, Denver, CO

Jennifer Murrell, La Quinta, CA

Joseph Pineda, Miami, FL

Rhode Island Internet Consignment & Sales, Providence, RI

Art Sales by Eugeno Torrez, Denver, CO

Petrified Forest Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Kristy Kennedy Bargains, Florence, SC

Deborah Bushell, Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Rosenoff, Boston, MA

Peter Mestaz, Chicago, IL

Green Lady's Treasure, Rochester, NY

Bernice Cornell, New York

Al Duplat, Philadelphia, PA

Ted Gibson Art, Los Angeles, CA

Zaven Torosyan, Los Angeles, CA

Beholder Treasures Antiques Vintage, Los Angeles, CA

Spike’s Stuff, Hanahan, SC

Antique French Faience and Art, Philadelphia, PA

Champaign-Urbana (CU) Galleries, Champaign, IL

River Town Gallery, Brewster, MA

Seattle Estate Antique and Vintage, Seattle, WA

Joseph Portanova, New York

Mark Fontana, Kailua Kona, HI

Emily Crawford, Los Angeles, CA

Paco Felici, Texas

Tru-Mystik, Los Angeles, CA

Joslin Hall Books, Northampton, MA

Good Old Days Antiques, Los Angeles, CA

Urban Treasures, Laguna Niguel, CA

...and many other sources.


TGC purchased frames and other supplies from the following art supply stores:

Jessica McKay, Sidney, NE

John Lindley

The Laytonsville Collection, NJ

Michaels Craft Stores, Fremont, CA

Chiang's Frame Inc.